Debt Consolidation: Is There a Right Way to Do It?

Jeanne McTaggartDebt Consolidation

By: Kamil Porembiński

When it comes to debt consolidation, find an approach that helps you retrace your past steps so you don’t repeat past mistakes. In some cases, we run into unfortunate situations in life. Debt is often unavoidable, but how you handle excessive credit card debt is up to you. With the help of Christian credit counseling, you learn about debt consolidation. … Read More

How Credit Counseling Helps Baby Boomers Nearing Retirement

Jeanne McTaggartCredit Counseling

By: Zach Dischner

If you are one of the millions of baby boomers in your 50s or 60s having trouble sticking to a budget, you aren’t alone. With the rising cost of food and housing, it’s becoming more difficult to retire on time. Many boomers plan to keep working past their full retirement age. When you reach out for credit counseling help before … Read More

Christian Credit Counseling Helps You Get Your Financial Life on Track

Jeanne McTaggartChristian Credit Counselors

By: Surajram Kumaravel

Good people sometimes have bad financial things happen to them, knocking them off track. With Christian credit counseling, you can get your financial life back on track even if you have maxed out your credit cards. A trained credit counselor will guide you through the debt consolidation process if you have what seems like unmanageable credit card debt. You’ll also … Read More

Debt Counseling to Wake up to Your Financial Truth

Jeanne McTaggartDebt

By: Luis Llerena

It’s common for people to toss aside credit card bills when the amount due balance makes them feel down. But waking up to the financial realities in your life is the first step to overcoming credit card debt. An article by suggests many Americans are delusional about credit cards because they pay so much money in interest charges. In … Read More

Christian Credit Counseling to Ease Financial Stress

Jeanne McTaggartChristian Credit Counselors

By: Markus Spiske

Financial stress can cause tension in your relationships whether married or single and leave you tense on the job. Christian credit counseling provides many people with the answers they need to solve financial problems. An article by points out personal finances is one of the main contributors to stress. Having a large amount of credit card debt and other … Read More

Signs You Need Credit Counseling for a Life-Altering Change

Jeanne McTaggartCredit Counseling

By: Markus Spiske

Some people accept credit card debt as long as they can make the minimum payments every month. Even people with the best intentions to pay their minimum balances can end up with life-altering debt. By receiving credit counseling from a Christian credit counseling company with integrity and a proven track record for success, you can make a positive change. A … Read More

Guard Against the Sting of Rising Rates with Debt Consolidation

Jeanne McTaggartDebt Consolidation

By: Susanne Nilsson

No one is certain when the Federal Reserve will raise the prime rate, but experts warn there will be a trickle down effect for consumers with credit cards. The Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen says the Fed is on track to raise rates later this year, according to report by the When it comes to your personal finances, don’t … Read More

Debt Counseling: Are There Wrong Ways to Pay off Debt?

Jeanne McTaggartDebt

By: Martina Rathgens

If you are paying off debt, you might think you are on the right track. However, there are some foolish ways to pay off debt that end up causing havoc in your financial and family life. With debt counseling you learn about the right way to handle overwhelming credit card debt. By consolidating debt through a reputable Christian credit counseling … Read More

Debt Consolidation and Other Ways to Be Richer One Year from Now

Jeanne McTaggartDebt Consolidation

By: trophygeek

You don’t have to wait until the New Year to set goals to become wealthier. If you want more wealth one year from now, the truth is time is money. Waiting just a few months to consolidate your debt can cost you. With debt consolidation, you don’t just make paying off your debt easier with one monthly payment. Trained counselors … Read More

How Credit Counseling Leads to a Higher Net Worth

Jeanne McTaggartCredit Counseling

By: trasroid

Life isn’t a game that ends with a lot of worthless things you can’t take with you, but having a high net worth is still important. Experts point out your net worth provides financial security in retirement. Whether you are in your 20s or 60s, you are never too young or too old to receive credit counseling. A trained credit … Read More