When you agree to receive Christian credit counseling, you open yourself up to new possibilities for your future. Setting long-term goals is just as important as figuring out how you are going to make it day-to-day. Some people get caught in the trap of living “hand-to-mouth,” especially when they feel burdened with too much credit card debt. Getting out of credit card debt is just one of several key financial goals you will likely set for yourself when engaged in debt counseling through a reputable non-profit organization such as Christian Credit Counselors. According to an article by Money Talk News, it’s important for couples to discuss their short-term, mid-term and long-term financial goals with a prospective mate. If you are already married, goal-setting is a fun couple’s activity that strengthens the marriage. According to a study by the cited by the article, 68 percent of respondents felt negative about discussing financial topics with a partner while 5 percent thought a money talk would cause them to break up.

The goal of freedom from credit card debt

Many people say credit card debt is “bad debt,” but it’s only bad if you have to pay interest on the debt. By consolidating your credit card debt as part of receiving Christian credit counseling, you end up paying less in interest charges. When you finish your Debt Management Plan, you’ll be completely free of credit card debt.

The goal to own a home

If you are renting, you likely want to own your own home. If you already own a home, your goal is to stay out of foreclosure and to eventually own your home outright. A certified and trained credit counselor will help you work out a budget so you can save up for a home or pay extra toward your mortgage while also satisfying your other creditors.

The goal to support a family

Paying for your children’s college or completing your own degree so you can get a better job is another worthy financial goal. People who receive Christian credit counseling also feel inspired to earn more money to support their family or pursue their passion to help others.

The goal to fund retirement

If you feel worried about whether Social Security will provide enough for you in retirement, consider contributing to a Roth IRA or a 401(k) through your job. Retirement planning is an important long-term goal. Crunch the numbers to figure out how much you’ll need in monthly income. Then include retirement savings into your monthly budget.

At Christian Credit Counselors, we inspire our clients as forward thinkers. We have helped more than 300,000 families get out of debt and move on with their lives.

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