Mother’s day is just around the corner, have you thought about what you will do for your Mom? If you are married and have kids; what are you and the kids going to do for your wife? It’s easy for most to spend money on gifts, lunches, or a night out. It’s important that you make and stick to a budget, and it’s especially important when you are trying to save money and get out of debt. That means you need to get a little creative and put some extra thought into things. We have scoured the web and racked our brains to come up with our top three favorite Mother’s Day categories with tons of ideas to show Mom you care!

Pampering, rest, and relaxation

  1. Breakfast in bed, nothing says I love you more than a few flowers from the garden and a yummy breakfast made by you and the kids. Check out this post on with 32 Mother’s Day recipe ideas.
  2. Buy something to delight her senses and enable some relaxation. Ideas include her favorite lotion, a beautiful smelling candle, bath salts, a yummy smelling body scrub, or even perfume. It does not have to be expensive just something thoughtful then make sure you facilitate some “her” time so she can use whatever you chose to buy for her. Many of these items can be found at inexpensive places like Marshalls, TJ Max or Ross.
  3. If you are the adventurous type and feel comfortable giving your wife a manicure, pedicure, or massage go for it! Bonus points!

Show her you care

  1. Take some time to think about some of your favorite memories with Mom. On Mother’s Day, spend some time with her remembering and talking about those special memories. Let her know how important those memories are to your life today.
  2. Just think about all the times your mom and/or wife has cleaned up after you and /or the kids over the years. What a wonderful surprise if you hired a cleaning crew or just you and the kids cleaned your house and/or your mother’s house. If you do it yourself this will cost you nothing but the time to make it happen.
  3. Create your own custom fortune cookie with a special message for mom, no cooking necessary! Just watch this short video from Datevitation a great website on how to have fun together. Click here for the step-by-step video.
  4. Have kids? Create this special craft from our friends at Hallmark it will be sure to melt your wife’s heart!

The traditional stuff

  1. Flowers, interestingly enough studies show that flowers give women a mood boost that lasts up to several days. They don’t need to be roses. Most grocery stores and roadside stands have beautiful alternatives to roses at a much smaller price tag. If you have a Costco near by they always have a gorgeous selection for less.
  2. Chocolates and a small jewelry item, it does not need to be expensive. Most women prefer costume jewelry over fine jewelry these days because they are stylish and vibrant in color.
  3. Date night, dinner, movies, miniature golf, bowling or something else you don’t normally do on a regular basis.
  4. Plan a special outdoor picnic in her favorite nature spot, park, lake, or the ocean if you live near it. It’s a great family activity and a way to create new memories. If you have kids you can get them involved in the planning and execution of the special meal.

These are just a few budget saving ideas … to get you started! Mother’s day is a special time of year. It’s a time to honor, say thanks by loving and cherishing those that raised us and/or are in the midst of raising your kids. Have a cool idea, or maybe you tried one of these ideas? Let us know … be sure to share your experience with us! You never know, we may feature your story in our next client newsletter!!

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