The Credit Counseling Advantage

We are impressed with the power of credit counseling, and you should be too. In fact, here’s how credit counseling can change things for you:

Get Out of Debt Fast

Our certified credit counselors are available from 6am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Our offices are also located in San Diego, CA. Our goal during our time with you is to help get you out of debt. How do we achieve this?

We deal with all of your creditors. We negotiate your rates and you send us one monthly payment that we will send to your creditors. We also give you tools and methods to stay out of debt for good! Our mandate as a non-profit is to educate our customers so they can lead the life that God has intended for each of us.

We will help you to avoid any fees or charges that your creditors have made against you. We will also get your interest rate lowered, as well as the total cost of a payment that you owe. By setting up arrangements with your creditors, we help you to avoid creditor harassment. This means no more calls asking for payments.

Financial Freedom

With payments being made to one place, this can help to reduce stress and get your credit back in shape quickly. You will know where your money is going and that it is being used to positively affect your credit score. With a higher credit score, you have the financial freedom to lower interest rates on future loans, get the loans you need for a home, car, education and more.

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