Understanding Your Money Mess

When will these relentless phone calls stop? I feel like I am constantly avoiding the dreaded reprimand of increasing bill collectors. I am tossing all night, determining how this financial mess has spun so out of control? How do I get off this money rollercoaster, safely; if I can at all? Do I file bankruptcy? Can I get a loan to pay off existing bills? What is happening to my credit? There are far too many questions; yet, no solutions.

Regain your peace of mind

Sadly, debt effects far more than your pocketbook; it also steals your peace of mind. At Christian Credit Counseling we understand that tranquility begins by putting a debt management plan into place. We are proud to have skillfully formulated a solution; and we would like to invite you to partner with us in an effort to help. Let our expert credit counselors assist you in restoring your finances and your serenity.

How will Christian Credit Counseling help?

Still you have questions. Will this cost you money? Will it help repair your credit? Can you still use your credit cards?

Not to worry, Christian Credit Counseling has answers. Don’t become overwhelmed with the details; that’s why we are here. Once you have wisely chosen to partner with us; we will design a debt management plan, specifically for your needs. After reviewing your proposal, we will mutually agree on the terms of your financial road to recovery; and you will be on your way to exiting the money rollercoaster, safely!

Let’s partner, but leave the details to us

Does this all seem too simple? Truly, it is! We are a 501 (C) 3 non-profit program, accredited by prestigously recognized organizations; all in an effort to securely minister to your debt management needs. We have a $0 – $49 start up costs, long and healthy relationships with over 400 creditors, our repayment rates are extremely low, and progress will be applied toward your principal balance. Most important, you have the statisfaction of knowing you’ve honored your financial committment to your creditors. You can hold your head high in celebration that you have completed your debt management plan; and regained your peace of mind..

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.” Eccles 4:9

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