Debt Management Programs

A lot of people who receive credit counseling wonder if they qualify for a debt management program to pay off debt. Debt management programs are so appealing because a trained and certified credit counselor negotiates a lower interest rate so you can make a monthly debt payment. Many consumers dream of living a debt-free life. Credit counseling makes it simple and easy. To qualify for an intensive plan to pay off debt quickly, it is important to look at where you are and where you want to go. According to a piece by the Great Fall Tribune, credit counseling gives consumers a chance to take control of their situation. However, not everyone qualifies for a more intensive plan to pay off debt.

Credit Cards and High Interest Rates

If the interest rate on your credit cards are 24 percent or higher, you are likely a good candidate for an intensive plan to pay off debt. Struggling consumers often deal with high interest rate credit cards that put them on a never-ending debt cycle. Credit counseling provides a positive solution to the financial dilemma.

Earning Extra Money

If you aren’t making a lot of money, consider getting a second job or better position so you can afford the agreed-upon monthly debt management program payments. With credit counseling, you learn how to set income and savings goals.

Your Credit Score and Credit Counseling

People with low credit scores inevitably benefit from good credit counseling. Whether you decide to consolidate debt or pay off your debt on your own, you will grow wealth more easily by knowing the secrets of a good credit score. Having a good score often means lower interest rates on car loans and mortgages and better job opportunities.

Life Beyond Credit Cards

When you enroll in a debt management program you agree not to open up any new credit cards. You can still benefit from the sage financial advice of credit counselors even if you don’t enroll in a program. However, most consumers do well when forced to live within their means by relying on debit cards and cash.

Other benefits of credit counseling include advice on reducing spending, paying off debt and changing poor financial habits that led to excessive debt. At Christian Credit Counselors, we help consumers struggling with substantial debt. For more information on credit counseling and tips for paying off debt quickly, please contact us.


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