Not everyone feels comfortable having the “debt conversation” with their loved one, but may feel curious about credit counseling. If you are struggling with too much debt, you aren’t alone. By talking about debt with a non-judgmental and trained credit counselor, you will likely see positive solutions on the horizon. You may never want to talk to people in your personal life about your credit card debt. Disclosing information about your personal finances to the people around you is your judgment call. When talking to a certified credit counselor, you will learn about debt consolidation as one option that will get you out of debt. According to a recent article by, a lot of people feel embarrassed by how much money they owe to creditors. The article cited a survey that showed about 42 percent of people in the U.S. have credit card debt with an average balance of almost $11,000. A National Foundation for Consumer Counseling survey indicated 37 percent of people feel less embarrassed to talk about their weight or age than to admit to how much credit card debt they are carrying.

You Aren’t a Financial Failure

Experts say credit card debt leads some people to feel like they are a failure. With credit counseling, you learn to evaluate your circumstances in a more pragmatic way. Instead of dwelling on past choices, you get started making financially prudent choices. When you sign up for a Debt Management Plan, you know there is an end goal date in mind when all of your credit card debt is gone. You just make a monthly payment after your credit counselors negotiate a lower interest rate. Achieving a lower interest rate and saving money translates into success instead of failure.

You Can Live on a Budget

Another fear that people with credit card debt have is that they can’t actually live on a budget. According to, some people won’t confess to their friends and family that they can’t afford to spend money. By pretending to have more than they have, people get into more credit card debt. When you receive credit counseling, you find out how to live on a budget while still enjoying life and taking care of your family.

You Can Talk it Through

Even if you never chose to talk to your spouse or a close friend about money, you can talk to a trained credit counselor who specializes in personal finances. When you talk to an expert, you find out new information that could guide you. Some people simply need the tools so they can manage their finances better. Your credit counselor doesn’t think less of you for getting help. In fact, it is admirable to make a choice to get out of debt.

At Christian Credit Counselors, we provide credit counseling to help our clients avoid bankruptcy and scams. We help many people get out of debt 80 percent faster than other methods.

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