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Success Stories

“I want to thank you and everyone at Christian Credit for their help and support over the past 5 years. When I started the program, I had over $86,000 in credit card debt, spread amongst 17 cards. I now, in a few moments, will have literally eliminated ALL that debt in a 5 year window. Now I can move on with my retirement with a stress free, debt free environment and I could not have achieved this without your leadership. I am one happy camper!”

John & Janice

Bob’s Story

Christian Credit Counselors saved Bob $19,905 dollars.

Katherine’s Story

Christian Credit Counselors saved Katherine $150,390 dollars.

Curtis’s Story

Christian Credit Counselors saved Curtis $64,064 dollars.

Nicole’s Story

Christian Credit Counselors saved Nicole $7,312 dollars.

The difference our process makes.

We have relationships with over 400 creditors to ensure that we can negotiate an unsecured Debt Management Program that works for you. Our certified credit counselors are available from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (PST) Monday through Friday via our toll-free numbers nationwide. They serve as unbiased advocates, offering everyone that calls prayer, guidance, and resources.

It’s time you get the help you need. The sooner you contact us the sooner we can help. WE DO NOT LEND MONEY.

Let’s get started.

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“Five years ago I had large credit card debt and little hope of financial relief. I was overwhelmed and, in a step of faith, enrolled into Christian Credit Counselors. Month after month, as the credit card balances came down, one by one paying them off, was a bless I would not have had without Christian Credit Counselors. The counselors were so helpful in all aspects of the program and I can’t stress my support and encouragement to others enough. Thanks Christian Credit Counselors – keep up the good work.”


“I just wanted anyone who is checking into your services to know that you ROCK! I recently made my last payment and have paid off four loans that I thought would never end. I have had nothing but positive experiences with everyone I have dealt with at Christian Credit Counselors. Thank you so much for being there for people like me who want to pay their debts, but have hard times as everyone does.”

Sincerely, Fonda

“Thank you for everything! Your company is amazing and I don’t know how long it would have taken me to try to do this on my own! I appreciate your help so much!”


“Thank you for your congratulatory letter with the notation of “All your accounts are PAID IN FULL.” It has been a long haul and we want to thank you and all the people at Christian Credit Counselors over the years who have always been so helpful and encouraging. We are within 1-2 years of retirement so this is a blessing to be out of all that credit card debt. May God continue to bless you in your work as you assist people in getting their finances back in order. We appreciate you and will of course recommend you to any family or friends who might engage us in a discussion about their financial difficulties.”

God bless you, Mark & Andrea

“Thank you so much for helping me! I could not pay any extra money at the time. I am now debt free! Thank you! May God bless you all and the organization.”

Sincerely, Karen

“Christian Credit Counselors, thank you very much for making my credit problems get better. I appreciate all you have done for me to make my life with credit card debts free. You have done good work for me. I thank you.”

Sincerely, J. Schafer